Article writing practice is one of the activities of students for many years. An already completed scientific article must meet certain requirements for its content and design. Moreover, it should be published in a journal. Only if all of the above is observed, the applicant or scientist receives a so-called scientific article as a bonus. As you know, obtaining a degree and / or title is impossible without the publication of several scientific articles. All employees of virtual companies are helping students and researchers, have already been defended and have a solid list of their own publications, so they will cope well with writing scientific articles to order in any specialty, and will be able to choose the right publication.

Best scientific articles

The finished scientific article should have the correct structure of the material (introduction, information about the author, list of sources, description of the main provisions, etc.); to provide a sufficiently complete coverage of the affected problem, with the obligatory allocation of scientific novelty of the results of the work, and emphasizing its differences from known analogues.

In the finished scientific article should be present:

  • description of the relevance of the problem and its impact on the ability to solve important problems of scientific or practical importance;
  • analysis of other current publications on the topic;
  • a description of the status of work on the issue addressed in the article;
  • a description of the unresolved aspects of the problem to which the article is devoted;
  • formulation of the problem;
  • main part;
  • formulation and justification of the results and conclusions made on the basis of the work carried out;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of decisions made, proposals for their most appropriate use, comparison with the results obtained by other researchers;
  • description of future prospects of work on the topic described in the article.

For all scientific articles published in journals, the presence of annotations is necessary. Employees of such article writing help firms pay special attention to high-quality translation of annotations of scientific articles, because often it will become the only document due to which foreign scientists can learn about you and your papers.

The presence of an impressive number of well-written articles in well-chosen reputable scientific journals will greatly facilitate the further protection of your scientific work and enhance your reputation in the scientific world.

Article cost

The cost of article writing process depends on the time spent on its writing and preparation time and forces of the author, and the actual cost of the publication itself. The cost of the article is determined by:

  • the volume of the article (the number of A4 pages);
  • material structure;
  • quantity and quality of illustrations;
  • formatting of the text, including the format of providing physical quantities, headings, links, captions to illustrations, etc.;
  • the presence of an expert opinion on the possibility of publication in open access;
  • the quality of the paper on which the text and illustrations are provided (tables, graphs, etc.);
  • electronic file format with the article.

As is known, each edition formulates its parameters for the above requirements. Companies follow the relevance of information. All of the above and forms the price of services that the Internet simply called “buy article writing outline template.”